Walk in silence
Speak to few ….
That’s the secret
How great people grew.

Never work for a praise
Never speak to boast
Just go on working quietly
For self that you love the most …

One must give value to their existence by behaving as if one’s very existence were a work of art . One day you wake up and you are an adult and life is difficult, its challenging, and no one is there to save you, there is no manual to abide by; you got to know how to save yourself and make it through. Empty yourself of thoughts, images, beliefs, labels, tendencies, struggles, fears, desires, memories, expectations, personal stories and social conditioning. Have the courage to follow your heart and soul.

Start your day with prayers, intentions setting, devotion, chant, silent meditation, sweet offering and gratitude. You will experience the purest alignments of blessings, opportunity, joy and so much kindness shared with you throughout the day. Set the tone of your vibrations.

# Five daily self reminders….

  1. I am amazing and staying positive is my game.
  2. I can do anything, I am prepared to succeed.
  3. I trust the universe and the divine plan.
  4. I respect and accept my individuality.
  5. I live in the moment and Now is forever.

This picture has got nothing in common with the words …just here for sheer aesthetics and emotions….I get attached to my things too.☺️