This person has intrigued most of us since our childhood… because of his maniacal ideologies and visions which shook the world. A name that’s no more a noun now…which has transcended into a verb ,an adjective per se.

A name that never repeated itself….!!

I have always had this strong disposition of peeking into the mind of a man who literally single handedly managed to change the course of the history…wounding the psyche of a people for generations to come and marring the memories of a race for all of time. Always had this strong urge of knowing His side of the story..His perspective!!

Mein kampf is an exploration of the Holocaust from the other side of the genocide. It is hate-filled and reveals Hitler’s racism toward the Jewish people (and toward Slavic people groups as well). In many passages, Hitler is quite explicit about what should be done with Germany’s Jewish population. German nationalism, anti-Semitism, and elements of Social Darwinism figure heavily into Mein Kampf. Despite its dark themes, Mein Kampf is an invaluable book for historians seeking to understand who Adolf Hitler was. The book allows readers to get a glimpse into the mind of possibly the world’s greatest megalomaniac. If you want to dig deeper, read this book.