There is something uniquely beautiful about people who evolve better, out of their struggles, learning from the experiences..and using their lessons to spread wisdom … heedless of the fact …what they did or how far they fell. They believe if they can, other’s can move their mountains too. One thing that comes as a realisation is whatever the problem is, it always has a solution to it and eventually ends up working out somehow…. irrespective of the magnitude.. sometimes better than one can ever imagine. You might feel like ocean experiencing itself like a wave, perhaps like an author who is pretending to be a character of his own book, or may be like whole goddamn universe having a human experience…it’s just that you have to keep faith in yourself, the divine order and let the consciousness become aware of itself.

“Conversations with God” is a book that will amaze you with complex paradoxes that make perfect sense, profound logic and astounding truths. Here are answers that bring together as one the deeper meaning of all the beliefs and traditions…that might change you, your life and the way you view other beings.