Î think everything in Life is an Ârt. What you do. How you Dress. The way you Love and Çare for someone. Your Smile and your Personality. What you Believe in, And all your Dreams. The way you drink your Coffee. The Music you listen to. How you Decorate your home, your surroundings. The Food you make, your Grocery list. How your Writing looks. And the way you Feel, Think and Speak. Life to me is an Art. It’s my day long Obsession, Joy and Catharsis❣️

When the World around you moves too fast, lose yourself in Art. Introduce yourself to new things with every Sunrise. Reacquaint yourself with the Earth beneath your feet. Feel the Air as it surrounds you making every breath of yours like some poetry in motion. Find yourself in the appreciation of Life . Do not forget it’s a One time Offer make the most of it ☺️