I don’t think happiness is something you find, or it is this destination you get to… where you are bulletproof and unaffected by the mayhem. The Mayhem will always exist — We are born from it. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the crashing of atoms within the universe. No I think happiness exist in the understanding that the pain holds just as much important as the beauty. Happiness exists in finding things that makes us feel alive…special and at peace within. Happiness exists in learning how to embrace the dark, in learning how to see it as the very thing that makes us appreciate the light. Real happiness exists in the acceptance of the fact that we will always be balancing what is light and dark within ourselves.

Happiness Cannot Be Traveled To, Owned, Earned, Worn or Consumed. Happiness Is The Spiritual Experience Of Living Every Minute With Grace, Love and Gratitude !!