Here are some words of wisdom that I would tell to my 20 year oldself given a chance obviously 😋. I so wish I knew all of this when I was younger, naive and nonchalant.  Certainly the life trajectory I followed would have been a little better, a little wiser…with all these tips around. As they say it’s never too late. We can all still adhere by the hacks mentioned  below and guide ourselves through life, smoother and better…. before Life hacks Us nice and proper 🤭.

  1. Learn to be happy with yourself. If you can’t enjoy your company, none would either☺️. We give our lives meaning. If you feel your life is meaningless, that’s entirely your fault. Figure out a way to make it Worthwhile or else Don’t Complain.
  2. Self love and improvement should be your priority.. everything else can wait. You are not here to Impress anyone, what opinion others have of you is none of your business. Striving to have a Beautiful Mind, Body and Soul is that you should long for. Take good care of them. Refrain from comparing yourself with anyone. There will always be someone prettier and smarter than you. Learn to value your Uniqueness and Individuality.
  3. Don’t waste too much time on people who don’t cherish you. Ignore people who aren’t a party to your dreams and destinations. There is no point in clinging on to people who don’t value you.
  4. It isn’t worth the time and effort  wasting on people who don’t Recognise, Reciprocate and Respect your feelings and emotions. Move on…it’s just a stepping stone for you to grow into a stronger and better person. Relationships are fragile but you will learn to choose better people…along the way.
  5. Be who you really are, Stay Positive and Optimistic. Nothing comes with a pity party and a negative attitude. Identify your Strengths, Assets and work on your Drawbacks.
  6. Your own Fear and Failures to act will be the cause of biggest regrets of your life . Don’t hesitate in taking a plunge. Your failures today will lead to great success years later. Celebrate all your achievements and failures. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t fret and keep moving…It is sum total of your Ups and Downs that prove you truly lived.
  7. Get as much as Experience as you can possibly. It’s much more precious than money and all the wealth in the world. Travel extensively. Read profusely. It will make you see life at close quarters and ends, making you better, wiser and happier. Read and Travel more to feed your Soul. Keep in mind the Beauty will fade but Wisdom would stay for ever.
  8. Bad things happen. Life is better if you accept your failures, defeats and mishaps. You might not figure out everything and that’s completely OK. Learn from  mistakes, enriching yourself from the experience.
  9. The real world can be Cruel, Fake and Ugly. It depends on which angle you choose to see it. Try n see good in everything…that’s the key. Get pro at dealing with it …there are no shortcuts available.
  10. Friends are a Big Treasure…Not all friends are meant to be kept but for those who stay…. Value, Respect and Acknowledge them.
  11. Your Family and most importantly your Parents are your biggest support. They are like anchor to your existence. It’s because of them you are here. Spend as much time as you can…with them. Save yourself from the regret later.
  12. It’s Ok not to settle down so Early and Easily. Societal norms and standards can be taxing and bothering. Learn to Find your way out. It’s your life… You are the master, and gets to decide What and How it is gonna look like.
  13. Debt can be your worst enemy. Try your best to Save and Invest your money wisely. Being Frugal is no crime. In the world of Pomp and show be wise enough to comprehend the difference between Save and Splurge.
  14. There is nothing like a perfect partner. It doesn’t exist. Concentrate on finding someone who has the maximum qualities you would like and same values. Build a fantastic relationship with lot of Love, Trust and Understanding.
  15. Everything ends. Youth, Love, Life. All end, and that’s what makes it even more valuable. Life is a Game…learn the rules and give it your best shot. Stop and take a pause to admire little things in life no matter how busy your are. Work to live and not Live to work. Romanticize small things and be Realistic with big things.