Too Fat, Too Skinny, Too Short, Too Tall, Too Anything… There is a sense we are all Too Something: and We are all not Enough. Beauty is not having Long Black Hair, Or Milky White Face…neither it’s Tanned skin or Perfect teeth, An Amazing Body or a Flat Stomach. It’s way beyond all of this. It’s completely ok to be far from being a Model. To have Curves and Scars. To deviate from the set standards of the Society. Look around and see the Nature…. Nothing is Perfect and Yet Everything is Perfectly Beautiful. Trees can be Contorted, Bent in wierd ways and yet be Beautiful. All the Flowers, the Leaves, the Rivers, the Mountains are different yet equally Gorgeous and Appealing.

Beautiful or  Being Sensuous has never been about getting a perfect body or a skinny structure. It has never been size restricted. Don’t make every calorie into a war. Your body is not a battlefield. Your value can’t be measured in pounds. What makes you Beautiful is the fact that you are still Standing Tall after all those thousands battles you fought, That you are still Smiling after thousand tears you cried, still Walking with Pride after being Abandoned, Rejected, Broken and Betrayed. Laughing out loudly, Living without Fear and Doubt.

It can be hard for a woman to tap into the feeling of Self worth at times, but she needs to get that message loud and clear —” Hey Beautiful..You Are A Goddess And The Most Valuable Being On This Earth. A Beautiful Woman uses Her Lips for Truth, Her Voice for Kindness, Her Ears for Compassion, Her Hands for Charity and Her ❤️ Heart for Love. Her Kind of Beauty Enflames and Enchants the Soul. Be One of that Kind.”

Be Brave enough to take off your masks you wear out there and get to know who you are underneath. Be Vulnerable enough to accept your Flaws and know that they are an integral part of your being . Be Confident enough to accept and Cherish your Strengths and Limitations.

You Fell you Rose, You made Mistakes you Learnt, You got Messy and Forgetful You Bounced back, You are not Perfect, You are Human. Have Confidence and Faith and continue putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. That’s what Strong and Beautiful Women do.

Treat your Life like a Masterpiece. Know that You get to decide how you Paint every inch of your Canvas— the Color, the Texture, the Size, the Light, Everything. It’s really all up to You. Don’t ever be afraid to try new things because that’s what your Canvas is for. Use Bold Colors, Paint over Mistakes… Start All  over again…. This is your Life and Your Masterpiece; Create One With Love❣️