In moments like this of fear and chaos, may our Sanjeevani be not just a singular antidote , but an entire mountain of healing. What are the systematic changes that can be made ? How can we live in deeper integration and see this as an awakening to indeed .How can we lift the entire mountain and find a collective cure. 

In poetic affordance to corona we have to do this alone like the ancient churning of primordial ocean by the divine and the devils. To retrieve amrit..the nectar of the deathless…we need to depend on our immunity .

We have been in war with microbes for millions of years now…and to think by avoiding we can win over them is like living in a fool’s paradise. Microbes are ubiquitous..If we manipulate ourselves into believing that disinfecting , sanitizing the whole universe , maintaining public distancing…and washing our hands compulsively can eradicate the problem , we are actually solving the problem from the wrong end.The key to beating  COVID-19  or any other disease is your own immune system!!

When life gets wild,wicked and wonderful all you need is a chilled infusion of chamomile n jasmine… lots of Bryan Adams and a super hot day… Guess this iced concoction can give bourbon a run anyday😉😋☺️.

Here are few pictures for some reference as to how and what products can be used to build a stronger immune system..will try and get one detailed write up for the same. Till then take care and stay healthy, wealthy and wise.