Most prominently found in nature, the color green embodies rich foliage, lush greenery, and vast landscapes. This earthy hue is commonly associated with Mother Earth, which is why itโ€™s thought to be calming and ubiquitous. Offering relaxation, green soothes with its gentle and peaceful undertones. Green squelches chaos making it a force to be reckoned with.

The Perfect Medley….
Yellow and blue are responsible for making the color green. Blue is an inherently emotional color, which is where green gets its sensitive side. Meanwhile, you can attribute the color greenโ€™s logic to its yellow elements. Together, this creates the ideal balance between affectionate and practical. This harmonious combination strikes a balance between head and heart.

Thereโ€™s little complexity to the color green. You get what you see, and it doesnโ€™t apologize for that. It embodies so many beautiful qualities, including endearment and tranquility.
Green symbolises: harmony, safety, growth, health, it’s a reminder of combat, natural healer
Effects of green: revitalizes, balances, relaxes, encourages
Positive traits: generosity, hope, prosperity, luck..

Just happened to read Colour symbolism n Chakra balancing by JACOB OLESEN…and thought of sharing it with few lines on life ….

You fall, you rise, you make mistakes.
You live, you learn…
You are human, not perfect.
You’ve been hurt but…
Think of what a precious privilege
It is to be ALIVEโ€”
To breathe, To think, To enjoy
And to chase things you LOVEโ€”
Sometimes there is sadness in our journey…
But there is also lots of BEAUTY…HOPEโ€”
We must keep putting one foot in front of other
For We will never know what is waiting for us Around the bend…!!

The picture says it all when you have this fetish for collecting bottles of every possible shape and size .. happiness for me is small n simple and sometimes in shades of GREEN ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜Š ….