The Outcast, the Torch bearers, the Leaders , the Revolutionaries, the Feminists, the Whores, the Radicals, the Philosophers, the Creatives. We live on the Horizon, on the edge of humanity like the edge of the playground. You are too different; they can’t swallow You. Even those with years of friendship threaded between you and those with their blood in your blood, will recoil when presented with a version of you that is– too much. If I can tell you one thing Woman… Just leave them. Just leave them small. The Sun is calling You.

The Good God Woman…please don’t go back to sleep. Don’t go back to those sheets of small living, small breathing and small living. Don’t be taken down by any disguised poison. Don’t be bothered by any voice which tells you to be any less than the woman you know.  You are meant to be.

Do it. Do the thing that sits on your ribs and whispers of lava that ignites the passion. Do it , Do the thing that writes happiness in your bones. Do it, the thing that you don’t do but should do. Do it, that makes your heart beat. Do it, that makes your skies melt. Do the thing that makes you, Alive.

Don’t settle for dilution, Don’t settle for half meaning words or half meaning love. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t sets you on fire like Skylines on Carribbean Nights. Don’t settle for kind of’s and Maybes. Let your spine shiver with magic the same way when the raindrops touch your bare skin and you move like a lyrical Sonet. Live through all of it like a Poetry after a Pinot Noir.