Alice in Wonderland is allegorically like escaping your mundane, monotonous everyday life and stumbling into a whimsical, magical world full of adventures and curiosity. Wonderland was a world full of mockery and discovery where nothing was regular, ordinary or usual. It seemed this was the reason Alice followed the White Rabbit irrespective of the fact that it wasn’t what she was intending to. She just wanted to break free, ergo mindlessly chases after him and this is all where the whole adventure begins.

Metaphorically chasing the White Rabbit means chasing a fantasy, something impossible and abstract. The white Rabbit  was so intriguing, interesting and intimidating that Alice could do help but follow him. She chases after him, falls down the deep dark Rabbit hole depicting the fact how people enter into a strange, alternative Universe which they believe might give them that psychedelic experiences they have been looking for in order to escape the harsh realities of the world… and are able to witness a wonderful and surreal state or situation, which leaves them ecstatic and hallucinated. White Rabbit is the spark of curiosity that awakens Alice’s quest for awakening and endless knowledge, ecstasy and enrichment.

The entire time Alice was in Wonderland she was trying to figure out a way back home… metaphorically the same home /life which she needed an escape from. Allegorically it states the fact…that we are never content with the situation we are in…always wanting to be at the other side of the fence. For some, the only way to find out where they truly belong is to fall down the deep dark Rabbit hole.. bumping your head on the way down, bruising your soul n body a little, learning to get back on feet again, brushing off the dust n dirt away and finally managing a way out.

Once you reach the Rabbit Hole Matrix then there is no looking back….

You take the Blue pill – The story ends. You wake up from your dream and believe howsoever and whatever you want to believe.

You take a Red pill – You stay in the Wonderland and see how deep the Rabbit hole goes.