Control is an illusion, everything is happening the way it is supposed to happen, that’s why it’s happening.

Surrendering to the divine order is a sign of higher consciousness. The more you try to control things the more it controls you . Confusion comes from the mind and when you surrender to your higher self , you no longer have to worry about the directions because he is having the map .Free yourself, and let things take their own natural course. Just breathe n let it go !! Trust the process …have faith in his plan ⚜️

Surrendering here doesn’t mean you have to sit idle on a fancy ornate chair… waiting for some god send angel to do everything for you… neither does that mean you have to look for a genie …I m just meaning to illustrate what Gita says….karma karo in best possible manner and then just surrender..You don’t have to let your emotions hijack or overpower your intelligence. Follow non attachment..just letting go of the thoughts…don’t just try to control everything in and around but try n harness every , thought, state, situation, emotion to the best of your capacity…He can have the map n show you the directions but it is for you to do the walking … no one is ever gonna proxy for you.!

Just trust in the oneness of the universe…and have faith in the divine

This home made latte can give Starbucks’s Triple shot, Caramel, Decaf, Cold brew with salted cream a run for its money .

Getting better by the day…^_^