Country-music is defined as a style and genre of largely string-accompanied American popular music having roots in the folk music of the Southeast and cowboy music of the West, usually vocalised, generally simple in form and harmony, and typified by romantic or melancholy ballads accompanied by acoustic, electric or a pedal steel guitar, banjo, fiddle.

Country music, also known as country and western, is a genre of popular music that takes its roots from genres such as blues and old-time music, and various types of American folk music including Appalachian, Cajun, and the cowboy Western music styles of Red Dirt, New Mexico, Texas country, and Tejano.

Believe it or not, country music is about a whole lot more than just pickup trucks, cowboys and smashing shot-after-shot at whiskey bars. Flashback to the era of Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and Tammy Wynette, and you’ll find the true deep-seated tenets the genre was built on: values of overcoming hardship, familial pride and heartbreak, born of life in the early 1900’s American south. Our list of tunes runs the historical gamut from classic artists like George Jones to modern-day superstars.

Here is a list of some of the popular songs of this genre…