I feel like a little kid when I am holding a 📷 Camera…these days albeit it’s gotten easier with having built-in cameras in your phones. Technology is both Savage and a Saviour in it’s own stride☺️

Ever since I have taken a likeness for photography…I personally feel this one is the best record on a film by far that I have indulged in…A Grainy Blow-Up so to say …not only technically but also because of the fact that these Pigeons make my world interestingly intriguing with their presence…
I always remember these lines when I see any Bird 🐦 and everything around with a metaphorically inclined mind..At times Black ink on paper is not mere words with literal meaning …the real essence and the crux runs down deep.

You can’t keep her in a Cage,
Clip her Wings, Tell her Lies,
Say that Fragile Birds Were ,
Never meant to Fly.

Watch her Live Behind
A Rusted Door, Latched Tight,
Her Spirit slipping away
So you can keep her in Sight.

Beautiful Creatures,
Cannot be Confined.
Her Wings will Grow,
And she will find the Sky ….