Life is complicated yet beautiful… It gets unpredictable more so everyday when confronted with life transitions or epiphanies. How do we navigate those challenges and turn them into opportunities for healing and transformation? For many of us the answer would be hundred thousand different things. Each to his Own. For me it is creating beautiful vignettes around me, styling every nook and corner…. aesthetically pleasing offering a feeling of empowerment and facilitating the process of pulling through not so great times. Getting magic out of things enables me to reflect and get a better understanding of who I am as a person. Experiences that I have had over the years doing so has contributed big time in shaping the person I have become into. The whole process has always encouraged me to reflect on innermost sensibilities eventually helping me to create an all-encompassing feeling of harmony and peace of mind. I believe that life is a journey often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel but we all are equipped for it, if we only tap into our passions, nurture and allow them to blossom.