This Chapter may be Ending, but it doesn’t mean that it is Forgotten. You have Learnt so much from the Past…the Hardships you have gone through, the Circumstances you have grown from…It all made you… Stronger, Wiser and Better. Despite of all the Sufferings and Struggles..You kept forging ahead, finding Balance over Perfection. You kept mending the broken pieces. May this chapter of your life be a time of new beginnings, where you choose what aligns best with your Soul, rather than what is convenient. It’s never too late to Begin again. Those mistakes you have made along the way are Lessons and not Failures. You are meant to get back up and find a way that Resonates with you. There is no Expiration date to Reinventing yourself. Blank pages lying ahead of you can be Scary yet Beautiful. The Future is unknown and have so many questions. You can be hurting and healing at the same time. Design your own Destiny. Change the Narrative of your Life. Sometimes it is best to not feel or think but just to Experience and Explore.

This is your day to Shine, your day to let your Sparkle out into this World. Now is the time to go towards your Dreams with abundance. Now is the time to lust towards your Dreams and Goals with Fire in Bones and Passion flowing through your Veins. Now is the time to nourish your Mind and Body, and take care of your Spirit and Soul. Now is the time to prepare for everything that is to come. Now is the time to let your Wonderful and Unique true self out. Now is the time for New Beginnings.