There are many times when we sit back and ponder over the heated arguments or the major fallouts that we have had in the past and draw a conclusion that situation could have been handled in a different manner, much more amicably, gracefully and wisely. But that moment is already gone and everything is done amd dusted. Nothing much can be done now, except of repenting and whining. There is a old wise saying too which says…There is no use crying over spilt milk !!

Here are few pointers that can come handy as to when you need to take that pause and hold back amidst a conversation which is not going the way it should possibly go. You can always save yourself  the repent later.

  1. In the heat of an Anger.
  2. When you don’t have all the Facts and Figures.
  3. When you haven’t Verified the Story.
  4. If your words might Offend the weaker brother/sister.
  5. If your words are a poor Reflection of either You, or Your Friends and Family.
  6. When you are tempted to Joke about a Sin.
  7. When you would be Ashamed of your words later.
  8. If your words might Give a Wrong Impression of your Thoughts and Beliefs as a person.
  9. If the Issue is none of your business.
  10. When you are tempted to tell an Outright Lie.
  11. If the words might damage somebody’s Reputation which is Irrevocable.
  12. If your Expression of Anger might destroy a Relationship.
  13. When it is Critical to Friendship…and maintaining Silence is better than Speaking.
  14. If You can’t Speak without Yelling Or Raising your Voice…and becoming a Sour sight to look at.
  15. When it is Crucial to Listen and not Speak…Listen to understand other perspectives than being Rigid and Stubborn.
  16. If You have to Eat your Words later.
  17. If You have already said it More than One Time and it’s gone all in Vain.
  18. When you are tempted to Favour a Wicked person, and You know, You are being Cryptic and Unjust.
  19. When You are Biased and Hold Prejudices…and You are aware of the reality.
  20. When you Know you might never be able to take back your word…It’s always advisable to stop and think twice before taking any action.

Whosoever Keepeth His Mouth And His Tongue Shut, Keepeth His Soul From Trouble… I hope we all make less Mistakes in Future when everything is boiling around and not going the way we want it to…and Behave Wisely, Logically and not in any impulse or ad-lib.