Some call this serendipity….the finding of something good when you weren’t looking for it, Some call it fate….whatever is meant to be will be. Some claim it to be destiny…. the workings of the universe, of God, etc. Whatever the forces behind this thing called love might be, you need to trust that it’s out there but will only strike you when it’s meant to.

You can’t plan falling in love. There’s no formula. It’s not a science. There’s no reason it hasn’t worked out before. We’re always thinking we should be someplace else with someone else but the truth is you’re exactly where you need to be, right here, right now.

As human beings, we’re wired for love. Yes, we can say it’s just a neurochemical reaction but then that’s how we’re biologically created, isn’t it beautiful ? And since it’s literally part of our nature to love and be loved, most of us will spend our lives seeking it out. Some of us might have got lucky in finding our soulmates very early on but those of us who haven’t, don’t have to feel cynical, jaded or sad about the fact. Everything has its own sweet perfect timing.  It’s futile comparing ourselves constantly with anyone and everyone…it’s a black hole that is going to take you deep down the dungeon. Every person has its own trajectory of life and that’s how it works. One needs to follow it with faith and determination.

But then lemme tell you … In life, most things happen.. when we don’t see them coming. We’re constantly caught off guard and surprised and blindsided. Things that keep happening to us are mostly those we are unprepared for. Our existence is random and unpredictable. At times things come together only to fall apart, and yet we find a way to keep going anyway. We find hidden strength in our shaking bones to move forward despite not knowing what’s going to happen next; what could go wrong next. We only have our past as a blueprint. It’s the only thing we know for sure. The future is a blank slate. Anything could happen, both good and bad.And that’s both comforting and scary at the same time.

When the Universe knows that you are ready for the will reveal the right person at the right time, under right circumstances. Wait patiently, don’t waste time wishing, searching or cribbing. Empower yourself, evolve and work on your growth…

God has a love story for you,  better than you can ever think of for yourself. He is going to blow your mind with love that you never knew ever existed..but only when it has to.

❣️Everything is worth the wait❣️