Beyond the Stars and City lights..
Fireflies and Candle lights ..
My city makes Darkness look..
Beautiful !!

An open window in your place of birth is all You need !! That city is the centre of your Universe.

So many places to love n ogle about but it’s your birthplace that loves you back like no other place in the world. Your hometown will always hold a special place in your heart because it has a huge part in making you who you are today .The air you breathe in here looks so much familiar… you know all the hangouts, shortcuts, long roads, lanes, alleys..every nook n corner seems like your adda”..those nosy noisy neighbourhoods, motley group of people have an endearing impression on you… however silly ,crazy ,cool they seem but you find this weird affinity with them ….every damn eatery, street food has this unexplainable flavour that you devour unconditionally.

Everything seeps so deep into your soul because it has innumerable memories of your childhood n youth and still continues to give you moments that categorically leave you awestruck all the time.

So in love with you my city what would I do without you…