First leg of my PEP LOUNGE journey ❣️

Been contemplating for a while, what is that one thing I am passionate about, as to what my calling is and trust me it couldn’t boil down to one. Ever since I can think of…ink on the paper, the smell of the books.. have always serenaded me. Reading, writing and exploring things have worked as a DMT for me. A hard core maximalist, an avid reader, having a strong penchant for aesthetics, a gallivanter and a music/ movie buff…is what I can keep it in a nutshell. ART has always been my thing …in any form it works as a therapy for me.

After a lot of pondering and ruminating over life .. Ushering in writing a Weblog, getting my thoughts published is what I think suits me the Best.

There are times when you feel short of vocab to express in words how thankful and grateful you are to people who have been a huge part of the whole process. Special mention of my parents who always had my back and stood like one Rock of Gibraltar.

Last but not the least my better half for persistently motivating me to pursue my passion,  helping me great time with the technicalities of floating a weblog and making it live….and finally helping me evolve as a better human being.

Thankyou for dropping by…Your wishes are all that I pine for ⭐